'Young Sheldon' star wells up breaking silence on final season

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Starring in the show Young Sheldon was seemingly a memorable journey for its star-studded cast.

Annie Potts, who plays Sheldon’s grandmother in the hit series, admits she will miss her co-stars after working together for seven years.

As Annie spoke to People Magazine about her time on the show, the 71-year-old actress shared that these were the most “amazing” years of her career.

The actress began, “I'm going to cry right now.”

Referring to her co-stars, Annie also addressed, “I love the children, and it's been a privilege to watch them grow up. [Iain is] so grown up, and when we started, he and Reagan would get on my lap and kiss me and play with my fingernails and my ears.”

“They were tiny, and all day long, they just say, he would say — and they still do — ‘I love you. I love you, Miss Annie,’” she mentioned as well.

Then, the acting sensation weighed in on the iconic character of Sheldon, who is a precocious kid with 'unparalleled brilliance.'

Speaking of the major theme, Annie regarded it as ‘relatable’ one and said, “I think every family has an oddball in it: someone that they have to explain to others,”

In conclusion, she even remarked about the character, “It's like, I know. And so I think that that is relatable to watch a family try to navigate around this brilliant, difficult thing.”