Prince Harry's desperate to remind the world of ‘who he is'

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Prince Harrys desperate to remind the world of ‘who he is
Prince Harry's desperate to remind the world of ‘who he is'

Experts are of the opinion that Prince Harry is standing at the pinnacle of being forgotten, so much so that he is now open to the idea of becoming a working royal again.

Royal author Tom Quinn issued these claims and sentiments.

He weighed in on everything during one of his most recent interviews with The Mirror.

During that chat he weighed in on the advice he has for the King and said, “I've spoken to a close friend of Charles who believes that even if the king wanted to accept Harry's offer – which he does not - he is not going to do it because William is appalled at the idea”.

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Reportedly, “'To say that Harry and William are not on speaking terms is to underestimate the difficulty - daggers drawn would be a better description'.”

At the same time, “Harry does miss being a working royal – being a royal is the only thing he is trained to do and he is getting very bored in California.”

But it’s well known that “He knows that to retain his value and the interest of the world he is better off not being a retired royal so offering to come back to help out at least reminds the world who and what he is.”