Ashley Tisdale shares hilarious bedtime fiasco with daughter's nanny

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Ashley Tisdale shares hilarious bedtime fiasco with daughters nanny
Ashley Tisdale shares hilarious bedtime fiasco with daughter's nanny

Ashley Tisdale recently shared a parenting mishap involving her toddler, Jupiter Iris, 2 and the scenario unfolded when the nanny, unaware of its explicit content, read a bedtime story to Jupiter.

The actress, who founded the health and wellness brand Being Frenshe, chatted with PEOPLE for One Last Thing about the incident.

Despite Tisdale’s usual avoidance of explicit language, the unexpected event occurred, leaving her in disbelief.

The unforeseen event stemmed from a satirical gift Tisdale received – the book Go the F*** to Sleep, and the book unintentionally became a part of her daughter’s bedtime stories collection.

"My nanny read it to her [without knowing]," Ashley said. "And then I grabbed it one night until I realized what it was, so I just kept on reading, 'Go to sleep.' "

In that moment Ashley’s daughter interrupted her by saying, "She goes, 'No, mama, no. It's go the f*** to sleep.' I was like, 'What the heck?' "

This occurred because Ashley's nanny thought it was 'alright', as Jupiter had told her that it was a book her dad had read to her. "We were dying laughing, but she hasn't said it since."

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