Meghan Markle wants to encourage women on TV after ‘mum experience'

Meghan Markle is supporting working moms through her Archewell Foundation

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Meghan Markle is tipped to change perceptions about mums on TV.

The Duchess of Sussex has joined hands with Geena Davis to work with US charity Moms First that falls under the banner of Archwell Foundation.

Speaking about the phenomenon, The Duchess of Sussex said: "My past experience as an actress, and now today as a producer and mother, have amplified my belief in the critical importance of supporting women and mums both behind the lens and in front of it.

"This report about the portrayal of mothers in entertainment highlights the gaps we need to fill to achieve true representation in the content we create and consume, and I’m honored to support this work through the Archewell Foundation."

In a study about moms on Tv, Archewell Foundation, found that "though TV moms have become slightly more diverse, they are still underrepresented as earners and are still largely young, white, and thin", notes Vanity Fair.