Cancer regresses in mere five days: Doctors reveal new therapy

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A representational image of a healthcare professional pointing toward a series of brain scans. — Pexels
A representational image of a healthcare professional pointing toward a series of brain scans. — Pexels 

A new study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed a cancer therapy in which a woman’s deadly brain tumor almost completely vanished in just five days, as researchers called the treatment revolutionary, reported The Sun.

The woman was suffering from glioblastoma — an aggressive brain tumor — and she was part of the study involving three patients including her. Researchers treated her with CAR-T therapy which increases the immune response of the body.

Dr Bryan Choi, of Mass General, said: "The CAR-T platform has revolutionised how we think about treating patients with cancer, but solid tumours like glioblastoma have remained challenging to treat because not all cancer cells are exactly alike and cells within the tumour vary."

"We report a dramatic and rapid response in these three patients, Dr Elizabeth Gerstner, of Massachusetts General Hospital, said.

The major treatments for this tumour are radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

However, the study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed the wonders of CAR-T therapy — in which the body’s immunity recognises and kills cancer cells. This is used to treat blood cancer patients.

Researchers noted that the 52-year-old woman’s tumour regressed and others also saw theirs reduce in size.

Another 72-year-old male’s tumour contracted by over 18% after two days and after over two months, it decreased by 60%.

Dr Marcela Maus, of Mass General, called the results exciting but called it just the beginning.

"They tell us that we are on the right track in pursuing a therapy that has the potential to change the outlook for this intractable disease."

"We haven’t cured patients yet, but that is our audacious goal."