WATCH: Little girl's blissful moment after multiple attempts to kiss the Kaaba

Undeterred little faithful continues her quest until her persistence and devotion moves security personnel

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As Muslims across the globe cherish the Holy month of Ramadan, many spend their time in Makkah and Madina while performing Umrah to make the most of the blessed period.

Recently, a little Umrah pilgrim won thousands of hearts as her video from Grand Mosque of Makkah made rounds on social media with netizens adoring her cuteness and persistence to kiss the Holy Kaaba.

The video showed young girl’s continuous attempts to kiss the Kaaba in veneration of what is known as the most sacred in Islam, being the House of Allah.

Dressed in a tiny abaya — a Muslim body covering — the little one is seen running towards the Holy Kaaba while the faithfuls restricted by a barrier sitting on the floor.

However, the girl is sent back to where her father sat among the pilgrims, by one of the security personnel who are tasked to regulate the flow of pilgrims and maintaining order.

She then speaks to her father who encourages her to make another attempt to reach the Holy Kaaba but is intercepted by the security personnel once again.

Undeterred, the little pilgrim continues her quest until her persistence and devotion moves the security personnel, who finally lift her above to assist her in kissing the Black Stone on the Kaaba.

The heartwarming scene of the girl succeeding in her struggle and returning to her father went viral on social media.