How can you quit smoking in Ramadan?

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A representational image of a woman lighting up a cigarette. — Pexels
A representational image of a woman lighting up a cigarette. — Pexels

As people are trying to adapt to the new regimen during Ramadan, health experts believe that it is a great opportunity for smokers to quit smoking.

In this month when people are seeking to cleanse their souls, it is also to maintain well-being and seek personal growth by quitting habits that are bad for health.

Healthcare professionals in a report by National News termed Ramadan a powerful "opportunity to break free from smoking", that strengthens self-control.

"Fasting and abstaining from smoking for an average 13 hours a day is a good resistance for the mind and body," said Dr Harkirat Singh Wilkhoo, an expert at RAK Hospital.

By adopting new routines, experts believe that it is easy to quit smoking with the help of a little willpower.

Experts suggest that breaks due to fasting "disrupts smoking routine and reduces body’s dependence on nicotine".

In this month, one should use their self-discipline during fasting. As one breaks fast, it is necessary to wait for at least 30 minutes and cease the thought of smoking.

Dr Wilkhoo advised extending the length of time between eating and smoking each day. When the fasting day ends, he suggested "reaching for water instead of cigarettes, as hydrating can help combat the urge to smoke".

They also suggested people understand their smoke cravings. This helps a lot in quitting such habits.

Ramadan is a good opportunity to quit smoking. Those who either want to quit at once or gradually, must understand the importance of this holy month and try to impose self-discipline of lifestyle.