This iPhone charging hack has left users in disbelief: 'Wait...what?'

Apple user shares iPhone charging hack sending social media into a frenzy

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You can charge your iPhone with another iPhone. 

Tech giant Apple never ceases to leave its users dumbfounded with hidden hacks that they discover later while using the iPhone or sometimes after they move to another model.

Nevertheless, as the company continues to release a new generation of the iPhone almost every year boasting a series of new features, its secret capabilities also increase.

In its latest release last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and the 15 Pro Max.

The smartphones's new features included a key feature that raised eyebrows among users was the new USB-C port which is believed to be the result of the European Union's (EU) new regulations.

The European Council mandated that all new electronic gadgets in the EU port by fall 2024 must have a USB-C charging port, a move that Apple, a major player in Europe, must comply with to maintain market presence.

While there are dozens of things you can do with the iPhone 15's new USB-C port, there's one hack that users of the smartphone have recently discovered and they can't believe it existed.

Apple has not yet introduced wireless USB-C charging, but users an charge devices using a cable. This means you may be able to charge your AirPods using your phone or your Apple Watch MagSafe charger.

You can also charge other iPhone 15s with your phone on the basis that it has a USB-C port as well.

In a now-viral tweet, one Apple customer demonstrated this hack, blowing away people's minds.

The post has been viewed nearly five million times.

"PSA: you can charge an iPhone from another iPhone," X user Sheel Mohnot penned.

iPhone hack gets shocked responses on social media. — X/@pitdesi
iPhone hack gets shocked responses on social media. — X/@pitdesi

"That's how you show somebody that you really love them," one person responded.

"Can also charge your laptop same principle - saved me a few times," noted another.

Sharing their surprise, someone else said: "Wait...what?"