8 shocking everyday habits that secretly slow metabolism without warning

There are some every day habits that secretly pose massive risks to a person's metabolic rate, here are some of them

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8 shockingly everyday habits that secretly slow metabolism without warning
8 shockingly everyday habits that secretly slow metabolism without warning

Many people are not even aware of a few habits that they partake in which slow their metabolism. Whether that is due to a busy schedule or a simple lack of knowledge. Some of these habits include;

1. Eating Late Breakfasts:

For many, mornings are a time of quick fixes and stress. However it is important to have some sort of sustainable breakfast meal an hour within waking up. This is important because breakfast works to supercharge a person’s metabolism.

2. Eating High Carb at Breakfast:

It is easy to reach for cereal at breakfast time due to how quick and easy it is. However, eating something substantial like an egg, or any other form of protein is needed to keep a person’s metabolism working all through the first half of the day. 

Eating high carb processed foods will only make the person hungry before lunch time rolls around. Proteins are a good option to consume because energy is required to burn down the food. Eating high protein will require more energy and more calories to digest. The best option is to have some form of protein with every meal that is consumed.

3. Not Having Caffeine for Breakfast:

According to research, caffeine has the properties of temporarily increase a person’s metabolism. The caffeine compounds are absorbed quickly within the blood stream and speed up the heart rate to provide users a metabolic boost. Three to five cups is considered a good intake amount. However it is important to keep it as simple as possible, if there are too many added calories, the health benefits will be outweighed.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water:

Every molecule and cell within the body relies on water to survive and because of that, not getting enough hydration will slow down a number of bodily processes, including metabolism. When someone is dehydrated, they have less energy while biking or walking etc.

5. Crash Dieting:

Crash dieting is one of the fastest ways to push the body into famine mode and make it hold onto every calorie with an iron clad grip. This occurs because the body begins to believe that the person is starving. Doing this, helps to slow down the rate at which calories are being burned.

6. Sitting for the Majority of the Day:

For those people who think that this does not apply to them, because they workout for a couple of hours, more than half of their day is still spent sitting in one place. 

Whether that is working on a desk, in a car or on the couch. Having an overall sedatory lifestyle will cause large number of health risks down the line. This happens even if people exercise regularly. Engaging in some sort of physical activity each day will engage the body into a process which helps to breakdown fat molecules as well as stored sugar, within the body. Even opting to stand for some time burns large amounts of calories as compared to sitting.

7. Stressing too much:

Stress has one of the largest amounts of negative effects on a person’s health. One of the most counterproductive ways it affects a number of people is by slowing down the rate at which their bodies metabolize food. Stress, overtime, increases hormones within the body which stimulate an increase in the appetite center of the body, leading to possible over eating.

8. Not Sleeping enough:

Spending the day on a sleep debt wreaks havoc on the body and results in the body increasing its blood sugar levels. Not only that, it can also affect the speed of a person’s metabolism. Stress is elevated during a lack of sleep which increases the rate of fat storage, and decreases lean muscle tissue.