WATCH: Meet world's hairiest family from Mexico

Guinness World Records crowns Mexico family for being most unusual

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A family in Mexico has been written in the pages of history for bearing a record of being the most hairy who are suffering a novel condition called Congenital Generalised Hypertrichosis, according to Guinness World Records.

The family of 19 people has four people Victor Larry, Gabriel Danny, Luisa, and Jesus who have a considerable number of facial and torso hair with their females also covered with a coat of hair even though they have light-to-medium hair.

Men of the family β€” who have suffering from these conditions for five generations β€” have thicker hair on nearly all of their bodies, the video released on Instagram showed.

The post read: "All members of the family assisted scientists with the analysis of the gene responsible for CGH and as a result, significant evidence was found for linkage with several markers from the long arm of the X chromosome."

Guinness World Records wrote on its website: "In a unique case, the four members of the family are affected by an extremely rare genetic condition called congenital generalised hypertrichosis (CGH)."

"Hypertrichosis can appear at birth or develop over time β€” and, in the case of the largest hairy family, it’s a congenital issue that is recognizable at birth."

According to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences reports, the disease "can be associated with mild facial abnormalities [including nasal openings that are tipped upwards and moderate protrusion of the jaw] and occasional teeth anomalies and deafness."

Despite being natural, the National Library of Medicine associated it with considerable psychosocial trauma, "owing to the cosmetic disfigurement it produces."