WATCH: Random man asks Donald Trump if he is innocent

This how Trump responded when he was asked whether he was innocent

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WATCH: Random man asks Donald Trump if he is innocent
Donald Trump responds to a random man in New York about being innocent. — Reuters

Former US president Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to all the criminal charges and indictments he is currently facing including the hush money trial in New York City.

The jury is yet to decide whether Donald Trump is guilty or not but the 77-year-old was asked by a random person in a street while the billionaire’s ride was stopped during a traffic.

A video that went viral on X platform showed that a man asked former president Trump about whether he was guilty or not. The camera-holding person said: "Hey [Donald] Trump, tell them you are innocent, bro."

While the Republican’s response is barely heard he pointed toward the camera person and said something like: “Not a prosecution is a person.”

The man told the camera: "Okay, you are innocent. I'll remember that bro."

Donald Trump has been indicted four times in cases involving hush money he allegedly paid to an adult film star Stormy Daniels, retaining classified documents illegally after leaving the Oval Office, interfering in Georgia elections in 2020, and instigating supporters to storm Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

The Republican did not testify in the historic criminal trial in which Stormy Daniels and his fixer Michael Cohen testified, revealing the accounts of what happened in 2016.