Musk reveals something which is not as bad as thought

Tesla founder unravels something new about AI technology

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Musk reveals something which is not as bad as thought
Elon Musk says there will be a time when none of us will have a job. — AFP

Founder of artificial intelligence company xAI Elon Musk has revealed about something which is not bad, but generally it is being considered so.

While speaking at a technology conference Thursday, the co-founder of ChatGPT-maker OpenAI said, referring to AI stealing human jobs: “Probably none of us will have a job.”

The 52-year-old billionaire also said: “If you want to do a job that’s kinda like a hobby, you can do a job. But otherwise, AI and the robots will provide any goods and services that you want.”

Musk also said that in the future the jobs would become optional, adding that for this scenario to work, there would need to be universal high income — not to be confused with universal basic income, according to CNN.

“There would be no shortage of goods or services,” Tesla CEO said.

Since the tech race started, big companies have invested billions of dollars to expand their AI capabilities, rolling out new systems that are human-like.

The AI sent shockwaves around the world when the generative AI chatbot ChatGPT came into the market in 2022 developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

Since then, experts have been voicing concerns about AI replacing human jobs and this fast-paced development also encouraged them to write a letter that underlined how AI poses an existential threat to humans.

About having meaning in life, Musk said: “If the computer and robots can do everything better than you, does your life have meaning? I do think there’s perhaps still a role for humans in this — in that we may give AI meaning.”