Having trouble watching YouTube videos? Turn THIS off

You can no longer watch videos on video-sharing app due to Google's latest move

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Having trouble watching YouTube videos? Turn THIS off
YouTube to skip videos to end if upon detecting ad blockers. — CNET

If you face trouble watching videos on YouTube, don't worry because it may be because the app's new policy about the use of ad blockers.

Recently, several users faced an issue with YouTube where any video they tapped to play on their phones or tablets, skipped to the end after the first few seconds, Phone Arena reported.

It simply means that you probably have an ad-blocker running on your device that needs to be turned off to watch the entire video.

YouTube videos skip to end if ad blocker is detected. — Reddit/SDHD4K

But why can't people use ad blockers while using YouTube?

Well, last October, YouTube revealed that it was stepping up its attack against ad blockers so that users would sign up for a premium version of the app that shows no ads.

This is part of Google's next move to encourage users to sign up for YouTube Premium that does not show ads.

This is to make sure that the company gets paid for making all of these videos available to viewers and rewarding content creators who can monetise their work.

The tech giant has emphasised that YouTube ad generated $8.09 billion for its parent company Alphabet in the first quarter.

YouTube ad revenue climbed 21% annually and it contributed roughly 10% of Alphabet's total revenue during the opening three months of 2024.