WATCH: Bride has 'happiest feet' after groom's surprise wedding gift

Groom's research for wedding gift pays off after it leaves bride teary-eyed at the altar

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WATCH: Bride has happiest feet after grooms surprise wedding gift
Groom surprises wife-to-be with a beautiful wedding present. — TikTok/@jk.electrical

Wedding days are among the most memorable events in anyone's life, and when something unforgettable happens on that extraordinary occasion — like a special gift or the arrival of a unlikely guest —  it becomes a jewel in the crown.

A penguin-loving bride was surprised by her groom when her husband brought her favorite bird to the ceremony in Chester, England.

The video of the event also went viral on social media platform TikTok which shows Joey and Kerrilea Keilty during the entry of Widget the Penguin.

The animal could be seen making his adorable waddle down the aisle, in the video, which sparked amazing reactions from the people present at the occasion.

The 36-year-old Joey told Wirral Globe that he was inspired to hire the rather unconventional ring bearer after he took his 38-year-old bride Kerrilea on a Valentine's Day date to the Chester Zoo in February to feed the penguins.

"It gave me the idea to research penguins at weddings to see if it was possible to surprise her," he recalled.

"When I looked, I found out it was a thing and found a company who rents animals for films and weddings and contacted them," he added.

The surprise was brought when the groom orchestrated losing the ring during the exchange ceremony.

The best man Daniel Welch pretended that the ring was misplaced and went to search followed by Groomsman Craig Hindley who claimed to know where it was.

The two returned followed by the penguin who carried the wedding bands on a ring tied around his neck.

"She had tears in her eyes," he recalled.

"The day was absolutely perfect, but just having the penguins made it that little more special," he added.