New York man finds safe full of $100 bills while magnet fishing

James Kane, an NYC magnet fisher, has caught bicycles, guns, grenades, and jewellery from city's waterways

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New York man scores jackpot bizarre find while magnet fishing. — X/@dariani264

A magnet fisher in New York, named James Kane, used a powerful magnet to fish all kinds of objects from the city's waterways.

However, he was surprised when he pulled stacks of $100 bills from a safe he caught from a lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Kane's girlfriend, Barbi Agostini, recorded the moment as her boyfriend pulled the slimy safe out of the lake and extracted bags of waterlogged, gunk-covered bills from inside it, Fox News reported.

"Oh, that's money," Kane said in the video. "Oh, it is! Stacks of bills, dude!"

"Oh, my God!" Agostini says.

New York magnet fishing finds safe filled with hundreds of dollars. — X/@dariani264

The couple estimates that the safe contained around $100,000, though the bills were partly decomposed and stuck together.

The safe bore no clues to a rightful owner and the couple said they called the police to report their discovery but were told there was no evidence of a crime.

"They gave it to us, as, I guess you call it a finders keepers thing," Kane said.

According to a statement by the New York Police Department's public information office, "the value and authenticity of the alleged currency" could not be determined due to its "severely disintegrated condition."

Other magnet fishers have found bizarre things including a human skull padlocked to an exercise dumbbell last month and in April, one found a rifle and some belongings of a couple who were killed nine years ago.

Kane has caught bicycles, guns, grenades, and jewellery from New York City waterways, and shares them on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

The couple plan to take their soggy money to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington to redeem it although some of it may be too damaged to recover.