Pakistani shooter prepares for F-Class European Championship in London

Mohsin Nawaz says he is also gearing up for European F-Class Long Range Shooting Championship

Murtaza Ali Shah
Mohsin Nawaz busy in rigorous training to ensure peak performance. — Reporter

LONDON: As the prestigious F-Class Imperial and European Championship approaches, celebrated long-range shooter Mohsin Nawaz is in London, busy in rigorous training to ensure peak performance.

Scheduled to take place in July, this championship represents another milestone in Mohsin Nawaz's outstanding Long Range Shooting career. His optimism and dedication were evident during a recent interaction with Geo News where he expressed his high hopes for the upcoming competition.

Nawaz conveyed his confidence and enthusiasm for the Imperial Championship. "I am training intensively here in London, focusing on every detail to ensure I perform at my best," he shared, adding: “I am fully committed to excellence and my strategy is in place, full of determination to succeed.”

Nawaz is currently sponsored by two brands of Austria and South Africa. These sponsorships provide him with state-of-the-art equipment and resources, further enhancing his competitive edge.

Beyond the Imperial Championship, Mohsin Nawaz told Geo News he is also gearing up for the European F-Class Long Range Shooting Championship.

He said: “My track record at this event is impressive, having secured a silver medal at 800 yards in the 2023 European Championship, where I equaled the European record. The European Championship holds a special place for me, and I'm eager to build on my past success.”

Alongside his team from the Long-Range Pakistan Rifle Association, Nawaz has set his sights on the World Long Range Shooting Championship. "We have demonstrated our capability in the European Championship. With continued dedication and hard work, I believe the Pakistani team can achieve outstanding results on the world stage," he asserted.

Nawaz’s career is adorned with significant achievements. He first captured the spotlight in 2018 with a gold medal in the F-Class Nationals at 600 meters. This victory laid the foundation for subsequent successes, including a bronze medal at the South Africa Open Championship at 900 yards.

At the 2022 Bisley Championship, Nawaz earned three gold medals and two silver medals, showcasing his skill and consistency across various events.