Katie Price 'more resolute than ever' after Sharon Osbourne jibes

Katie Price is reportedly aiming for greater success after receiving 'rough' comment from Sharon Osbourne

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Photo: Katie Price 'more resolute than ever' after Sharon Osbourne jibes

Katie Price has seemingly started to take her healing journey to the next level as she wants to help others after spending years with trauma.

During a recent chat with People Magazine, Katie took a trip down memory lane and mentioned about her struggles, “I've got severe ADHD and severe PTSD.”

“I've been through breakups, marriages, kidnapped threats, hijacked, held at gunpoint, you name it, I've been through it. And then I had a breakdown, a bad breakdown, survived that and came out the other end,” she continued with the list of adversities.

Revealing her new ambitions, Katie shared that now she wanted to pass on the wisdom she has gained over the years in order to help those who are going through the same pain and troubles.

“I just feel that I've been through so much. I want to be a life coach because I do live and breathe trauma, I've been through drama, real life events and I've come through the other end. So if I can help people in any way I can, then I will,” Katie explained with conviction.

She then weighed in on her changed perspective of life, “If anything bad happens, I try and think of a positive for it.”

“But now, I'm in control. No one's controlling me. I am me. No one, absolutely no one, would break me now, never,” Katie claimed as she concluded the discussion. 

As fans will know, on the recent episode of her family podcast, The Osbournes, Sharon Osbourne seemingly ignited an unexpected feud by criticising Katie's physical appearance and claiming that she was "beautiful" before going under the knife.  

The Osbourne momager was joined by her family, husband Ozzy Osbourne, who rejected Katie's beauty, daughter Kelly, who admired her confidence, and son Jack, who disregarded her singing abilities.