Father's Day 2024: Five unique ideas to make your dad feel extra special

Father's Day is celebrated globally on June 16 to recognise their pivotal role in nurturing and guiding children

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A child surprises his father with a gift. — Unsplash

While a father's love extends far beyond a single day, the celebration of Father's Day every year serves as a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable dads who prioritise their bond with their children.

Father's Day, celebrated globally on June 16, acknowledges the pivotal role fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles and male mentors play in life.

Family members express gratitude and affection toward fathers and recognise their pivotal role in nurturing and guiding children in various ways including gifts, acts of service, or by simply spending time together.

However, there are other unique ways, according to Mint, to make Father's Day memorable — don't worry, you can bring your mom along too.

Games with dad

Father's often enjoy outdoorsy stuff so what better way can there be to celebrate Father's Day than planning outdoor games or activities.

If your father isn't an outdoors guy, you can enjoy some quality time indoors with fun activities or board and card games.

Cook with your dad

Another best way to enjoy the day is by cooking for your father. However, this activity can be made more special and fun if you do it with your dad.

You can try making new recipes, your father's favourite dish or maybe play around and add a twist to an old recipe.

Movie night

Parents often enjoy watching movies from their childhood. So ask your father about his favourite movie and plan a movie date with him.

Look through old photo albums

Take a walk down your dad's memory lane on Father's by taking out and going through old photo albums created by your parents decades ago.

Try gardening or repairing something with dad

You could also spend some time with your father gardening his favourite plants.

You can also decorate a corner of your house with your parents.