Canadian couple sees strange light which may be UFO

Light suspected as UFO is joined by bright set of objects giving it look of fire

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A representational image showing an UFO flying in the sky. — Unsplash/File
A representational image showing an UFO flying in the sky. — Unsplash/File

A Canadian couple Justin Stevenson and Danielle witnessed a strange light pulsating above the Winnipeg River in the province of Manitoba, Canada while driving on a road near the river.

They sighted the lights last month when the couple was prompted to stop driving in order to observe the lights which they thought were UFOs, reported Metro UK.

The event was captured on camera with Justin being overheard stating: “I think we’re seeing some aliens, for real.”

The light was joined by another bright set of objects, giving it a look of a fire. Justin was also heard saying that the strange anomaly “looks like flares” prompting his partner to question if flares last that long. However, as the video comes to an end, the couple are left with no answers.

The lights, being suspected as UFOs by the couple and oftentimes by other witnesses, are a strange thing and capable of forming an illusion for the observer.

Additionally, April 2024 saw a man witnessing a streak of green light which lasted for mere seconds and then the next month, people were stunned to see a strange neon blue cloud which later turned out to be nothing but a normal cloud in front of the Fore River Bridge in Quincy, Massachusetts

These events occur when particles in the atmosphere refract or bend light and dust gasses and particles can trick one's mind and force them to believe that what they are perceiving is a UFO and not a mere natural phenomenon.