Angelina Jolie kids planning 'ultimate humiliation' for Brad Pitt: Report

Brad Pitt is reportedly losing sleep over the daunting thought of his and Angelina's kids opening up about his character

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Photo: Angelina Jolie kids planning ultimate humiliation for Brad Pitt: Report
Photo: Angelina Jolie kids planning 'ultimate humiliation' for Brad Pitt: Report

Brad Pitt reportedly fears that his kids turning against him would be far worse than he has ever imagined.

For those unversed, three out of six Angelina and Brad’s have already dropped the A-listed star’s surname.

Now, as per the latest findings of In Touch Weekly a source claimed that his strained relationship with his children might cause of a humiliation of life time.

“This is a dark cloud hanging over Brad’s head,” the insider noted and added that Brad can muzzle Angelina with his lawyers, but he can’t muzzle his own kids.”

The insider even warned, “They’ve stayed totally quiet so far, but at some point down the line it’s very plausible that they’re going to want to tell their side of the story. There’s nothing to stop them from doing it.”

“And when they decide to go ahead and talk, Brad will just have to sit back and take it,” they claimed about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s alum.

Later in the chat, the source tipped that when Brad’s kids “want to turn around and get the ultimate closure by laying it all out in the open and telling the world what they’ve been through, it’s going to be Brad’s worst nightmare.”

They boldly claimed, “No doubt will be the ultimate humiliation for him.”

Moreover, the source declared that this has put Brad “in a very tough spot because it’s not like he can even try and talk to them about it because that could only make things worse,” and concluded by saying, “So all he can do is wait for the hammer to drop and try to put it out of his mind.”