Monday Dec 15, 2014

PTI attacks Geo team again, in Lahore

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan offers lip service every time his tigers attack journalists, but with every attack the severity continues to increase.

PTI supporters attacked Geo News’ team in Lahore including Sana Merza, Ameen Hafeez, Sohail Warraich, Asim Naseer, Jawad Malik, Ahmed Faraz, and cameraman Raja Amir with stones, glass projectiles and bottles.

Sana Merza a seasoned Anchorperson was unable to hold back her tears when she was repeatedly targeted with bottles and eventually broke down on live television when she was struck hard by one.

Ameen Hafeez and cameraman Raja Amir were also targeted by PTI supporters shooting marbles from slingshots.

Ameen Hafiz, known for his charm and unique reporting style is one of the most popular and loved journalists in Lahore, but the PTI crowds shot a glass-projectile that stuck him on the forehead forcing him on his knees. Both Ameen Hafeez and Raja Amir were hospitalized for tests.

Earlier in the day, Ahmed Faraz received a stone to the face during a live hit from Chungi Amar Sadhu in Lahore.

Speaking to Geo after the attack, senior journalist Asma Shirazi told Hamir Mir that for her own protection she was forced to carry a stick to keep PTI supporters at bay. Later in the day other news channels also aired footage of PTI’s own women being harassed by PTI supporters.

PTI speaks of shutting down Pakistan to rebuild it and its Chairman, Imran Khan rallies the crowd with a dream of a New Pakistan and change which has arrived, but female journalists and supporters alike, are forced to ask, if harassment of women is the change Imran Khan has been congratulating his party for delivering.