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Tuesday Dec 30, 2014

Geo has always spoken for minority rights: spokesman

KARACHI: A spokesman for Geo has clarified that a comment made by a guest during the transmission of GEO Entertainment morning show, Subh-e-Pakistan, on December 22 has violated the network’s code of conduct. The spokesman said during live transmissions it is difficult to control crowds and guests who speak according to their mindset.

The spokesman added that Geo believes in tolerance and its motto is ‘Geo aur jeenay do’ (live and let live). Geo has always promoted harmony between different denominations and religions. Geo has always spoken out for the rights of minorities which have been provided in Islam and our constitution.

The spokesman said that Geo’s policy is consistent with Pemra laws and the code of conduct which prohibits inciting violence against any group including minorities in the name of Islam or any other cause. According to the spokesman Geo is committed to upholding these values at all costs.

Geo itself has been the victim of the wrong use of religion and several members of its team are facing threats. The spokesperson also added that it is undeniable fact that through Dr Aamir Liaquat hosted programs on Geo, multi-faith dialogue and harmony has been promoted and religious communities and minorities have participated more than any other program in Pakistan's television history. Dr Aamir is number 1 on the hit list of Taliban for his outspoken views against use of violence in Islam.

The spokesman further said the group apologised for any content which was offense and a committee had been formed to ensure the implementation of policy and examine such matters.

Pemra (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) has also issued a notice to Geo on December 27 and the channel will fulfill all its legal obligations on the matter.