PTI expels ex-information secretary for 'violating party constitution' on social media

January 22, 2022

Ahmad Jawad says he will reveal reasons why he stayed quiet for so long on fascism and incompetence of PTI tomorrow

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Former secretary information Ahmad Jawad. — Twitter/AhmadJawadBTH

ISLAMABAD: The ruling PTI on Saturday expelled its former secretary of information, Ahmad Jawad, for "violating the party's constitution" on social media and for "slandering" senior leadership.

According to a statement issued by the PTI’s Standing Committee on Accountability and Discipline (SCAD), a show-cause was served to Ahmad on January 12 asking him to explain his position within seven days of the receipt of the notice.

The statement said that the disgruntled leader did not respond to the notice.

After receiving the second show-cause notice, Jawad sent a reply, which was received by the SCAD on January 21; however, he did not explain his position, rather admitted that he had posted more than 40 tweets while SCAD took notice of only two of his tweets.

“The Sub Committee of the SCAD observed that there were different forums in the party for Jawad to express his feelings/narrative before the party while he used social, electronic media to get his objective [to] malign/slander the party senior leadership, causing severe damage to the party,” the statement read.

The sub-committee after analysing the facts of the case and reading Jawad's reply found him "committing a severe violation of the party constitution". Hence, it "unanimously decided to strike down the party membership of Ahmad Jawad from the party membership register”.

Responding to the decision, Jawad wrote on Twitter: “A piece of paper which does not value more than a piece of s**t."

"A house of garbage which started as an ideology of change. A deception which wasted two decades of this nation. You can walk on [the] toughest path with open eyes, but you will fall on a flat path with closed eyes," he added.

In a separate tweet, the former party member said that there has hardly been so much chaos within the party as witnessed in the aftermath of the 30 questions that were raised by him.

He further said that he will reveal the reasons why he stayed quiet for so long on the "fascism and incompetence of PTI" tomorrow, asking followers to "stay tuned".

In a series of tweets a day earlier, Jawad had criticised the policies of the ruling party.

“How did your illegal Bani Gala house and Constitution Avenue flat become legal? Can't the houses of the poor be regularised like Constitution Avenue regularised?” he asked.

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