Tenant convicted of murdering landlords

May 19, 2022

Defendant denies murder but admits to manslaughter saying he was hearing voices when he committed crime

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Man convicted for murdering landlords. — Reuters

A man from South London, Britain, who murdered his landlords during the first lockdown has been convicted, theBBC reported.

Daniel Briceno Garcia, 46, stabbed Sonia Butron Calvi, 66, and Edgar Aguilera Daza, 60, in a "brutal and frenzied attack" on April 01, 2020.

The couple was found lying in their own blood at their residence in Stockwell.

Calvi and Daza were subletting rooms to six people, including Garcia.

The jury was told that Garcia feared the risks of COVID and rent payment during the pandemic.

Reportedly, Calvi, on the day of her death, had told one of the tenants that Garci was always in a bad mood.

Later, a tenant rushed to Daza's bedroom after hearing screams. The witness found Daza being stabbed in the stomach and Calvi screaming.

The defendant was also strangling Daza while Calvi begged him to stop. She also told him she would call the police.

The witness was not allowed to leave the room as well.

After six 999 calls, when the police finally arrived, they opened the door to a bloodbath. Garcia's hands were full of blood.

Daza was found dead in a puddle of his blood in the hallway while Calvi laid face down with a kitchen knife in her hand.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC said: "What was found at the property can only be properly described as a bloodbath."

Garcia denied murder but admitted to manslaughter. He said he was hearing voices when he committed the crime.

In his room, a whiteboard was found on which the COVID crisis was explained in French and Spanish writing.

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