Rs50 service tax on Rs20 cup of tea shocks train passengers

July 02, 2022

If passengers do not pre-order any food item while booking ticket then Rs50 service charges would be applied

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A cup of tea.—Unsplash

A photo of a receipt was shared by a train passenger in India on social media which shows that he was charged INR70, which is Pakistani Rs180, for a single cup of tea.

Indian channel NDTV reported that the tea was originally INR20 but the service charge was INR50 making the total price INR70.

The passenger was reportedly travelling from Delhi to Bhopal on a Shatabdi Express train.

According to the railways, in case a passenger does not pre-order any food item while booking the ticket, they will be asked for Rs50 service charge on any order.

The passenger took to Twitter where he said: "50 rupees tax on 20 rupees tea, the country's economics has really changed, so far only history has changed!"

Previously, food used to be complimentary on some trains. However, Indian railways have now broken down the fares which means passengers can now choose whether they would want meal services or not in the trains.

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