Prince Charles and William may be assigned new royal duties as Queen's head of state role revised

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July 04, 2022

Queen's job description change means more responsibilities for fellow royals

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Prince Charles and his elder son Prince William may be given key duties as Queen Elizabeth's job description has officially been revised to lighten her workload amid declining health and ongoing mobility issue.

The updated version, published in Buckingham Palace's annual report, outlined how the 96-year-old's duties will change following her Platinum Jubilee – and what effect these edits will have on her fellow royals.

The updates have scrapped a number of Her Majesty's former duties, such as the State Opening of Parliament and the payment of state visits.

Her job criteria now simply “encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties", and only requires her to receive visiting heads of state. It is the first time in over a decade that such revisions to the monarch's role have been made.

The move suggests that the Queen will not travel much for work and spend more time to rest at her private residence of Windsor Castle.

The Queen's job description change will likely mean more responsibilities for the rest of the Royal Family, particularly Prince Charles and Prince William who are steadfast to the monarch and previously executed the assigned jobs efficiently in her place.

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