How unique is your name? Meet Emergency, Tsunami, Lockdown named after historic events

August 13, 2022

BBC met a few people in India with unique names that were inspired by historical events such as COVID-19 lockdown and natural disasters

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Azad Kapoor,Lockdown Kakkandi andEmergency Yadav. — BBC

While most Indian parents name their children after gods or movie icons, some, in their search for uniqueness, choose completely different sources.

The BBCmet a few people in India with unique names that were inspired by historical events.

Azad Kapoor

The word "Azad" means "free". Since Azad Kapoor was born on August 15 1947, India's independence day, her parents named her accordingly.

Azad Kapoor, 75, was born when India got independence from British rule. — BBC

As a child, Azad was unhappy with her name as it is usually a boy's name but she eventually got used to it.

Needless to say, no one ever forgets her birthday.

"My friends joke that the entire country celebrates my birthday," she said.

Emergency Yadav

On June 26 1975, a state of emergency was declared in India in a radio announcement.

The country was was facing a threat from "internal disturbances", according to then prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Emergency Yadav, 47, was born on June 26 1975.— BBC

That is the day when Emergency Yadav was born. Emergency's father, who was an Opposition politician, said that he did not want anyone to forget "this sad, dark period in India's history".

He was jailed just hours before his son was born and could meet Emergency in 1977, when the state was lifted.

Tsunami Roy

Mounitha Roy, Tsunami's mother, had to take refuge on top of a small hill as a heavily pregnant woman during a catastrophic tsunami in 2004.

Tsunami Roy, 17, was born during a devastating Tsunami on top of a small rock in the dark without any help.— BBC

She told BBC that she had asked her family to escape as she had no escape for herself and her unborn child.

Without any help, she delivered her son in the dark on the rock.

While Tsunami was bullied for his name as a child, his mother said the name meant "hope and survival."

"My son was the only good thing that happened that day," Roy said.

Khazanchi Nath

The word "Khazanchi" means"cashier". This five-year-old was born inPunjab National Bank after PM Modi's surprise announcement aboutdemonetisation or note ban in India.

Khazanchi Nath, 5, was born in a bank.— BBC

While standing in the bank's line to withdraw cash, Khazanchi's mother went into labour.

The mother said that everyone suggested the baby be named Khazanchi as he was born in a bank.

While the notice created panic in the country, with his name Khazanchi brought luck to the family.

"He's brought us money and wealth, everyone is helping us," said his mother.

Lockdown Kakkandi

Lockdown Kakkandi, 2, was born on March 24 2020 when PM Modi declared nationwide shutdown.— BBC

Lockdown Kakkandi was born just a week after COVID-19 caused a shutdown in India two years ago. In his small village, Lockdown is no less than a celebrity.

His father said that he was born "at the peak of the lockdown" which is why it was hard to find a vehicle or a doctor.

On March 2020, PM Modi declared a nationwide lockdown with citizens given only a few hours' notice.

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