WATCH: Greek stylist gives quickest haircut in just 47 seconds, sets world record

September 14, 2022

Konstantinos Koutoupis is a Greek hairstylist who not only can give a nice trim but also in the fastest way very professionally

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Konstantinos Koutoupis gives a man a haircut. — Screengrab Twitter video

Getting a good haircut is considered one of the most difficult tasks by many as hairstyles can either enhance a person's look or ruin their appearance.

Many people end up getting a haircut that doesn't suit them so a person has to be patient enough to find an expert in hairdressing who could give them a perfect hairstyle.

One such hairstylist from Greece not only can style his client nicely but also in the fastest way very professionally.

Konstantinos Koutoupis has recently set the world record by giving the quickest hairstyle with a trimmer in less than a minute.

The video went viral where Koutoupis is seen trimming a man's hair but in an utmost effortless way. He swiftly moves the trimmer on the model's head with a comb to grip the hair in his other hand. The stylist stops and raises his hands right after the timer strikes the mark of 47 seconds

Have a look at the video here:

After the competition, the judges measured the length of the model's hair to make sure if it was a proper haircut and then Koutoupis' name was added to the Guinness World Records.

The viewers were dumbfounded by the prowess with which he styled the model.

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