'Twins': Cute similarities between young Babar, Virat fill internet with mixed fun

October 01, 2022

Babar and Virat are long lost cousins, their grandfathers were brothers who separated during 1947 partition, a Twitter user said

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Childhood photos of Babar Azam (l), Virat Kohli (r). — Twitter

Cricket fans on Twitter were amused as well as incredulous at the same time when a meme featuring some cute similarities between young Pakistani skipper Babar Azam and Indian batter Virat Kohli hit the social media.

Childhood photos of the two cricket stars loved alike by people in Pakistan and India went viral. Fans noted that the players had more in common than excellent leadership and batting prowess.

The photos of the "twin brothers" featured the two wearing the same shirts and the same hairstyles.

"How come both Babar and Kohli are wearing the same shirts?" a Twitter user said.

"Destined for greatness!" said another.

"In previous life they were brothers," said a "Hindustani" user.

Another social media user even had a "true story" behind the mysterious resemblance.

"Babar and Virat are long lost cousins. Their grandfathers were brothers who separated during 1947 partition," he wrote.

"They are 90s kids of you .. when the fashion didn't change everyday .. like on #TikTok these days .. the fashion remained same for years .. golden days," explained another.

While most people agreed, calling the pair "Karan Arjun", some did not see the similarities.

Some people pointed out how the shirts were different and that bowl cuts were simply common at the time.

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