Prince William 'anger' screams from 'clenching teeth' in new Royal photo

Prince William strikes a reserved smile on new photo-op with Royals

Thursday, December 07, 2023
Prince William 'anger' screams from 'clenching teeth' in new Royal photo

Prince William is spotted suppressing his anger in new photos taken of the big-four Royals.

The monarch of Britain posed alongside son Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton with Queen Camilla for the annual glittering Diplomatic Corps reception this week and showed a united front against unwanted hearsay.

However, the Prince of Wales did not seem thrilled about the photo-op, seemingly hiding his rage and anger after release of anti-royal book titled 'Endgame.'

Body language expert Judi James tells the Mirror: "Facial expressions and especially eye expressions tend to be more revealing in terms of emotional states though and the expressions here do seem to be telling.

"William and Kate suggest a degree of optimism and there is some humour in William’s expression although he does seem to have acquired a trait of slightly clenched teeth as he smiles since the recent book claims, hinting at inner tension or even anger."

She explained: "The body poses and subtle angles here do confirm the idea of continuing unity. Charles and his eldest son stand side by side and their mirrored inward head tilts would signal aligned thinking and a sense of taking an agreed stance.

"Camilla and Kate are both close to their husbands, tucked in slightly behind Charles and William in another mirrored signal of support.

"William and Kate also mirror each other’s poses. William holds his clasped hands in front of his torso while Kate’s fingers touch together lightly to suggest a lack of tension."