David and Victoria Beckham praise Obama for his youth empowerment work

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham met Obama and appreciated his work to boost future leaders

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Friday, December 08, 2023
As president of the US, Former president Barack Obama meets with the Major League Soccer champions Los Angeles. — AFP

Former football player David Beckham and his fashion icon spouse Victoria recently met with former president Barack Obama in a noteworthy demonstration of support for the international initiatives of the Obama Foundation.

The Beckhams, known for their social activism, emphasised the Foundation's critical role in forming future leaders.

In a social media tribute, David expressed his deep respect for Obama, emphasising the Foundation's impactful projects aimed at empowering youth and transforming communities.

David Beckham showed his profound admiration for Obama in a social media homage to the former president. The star player highlighted the foundation's significant initiatives that empower young people and improve communities.

“A towering example of grace and humility, it was so inspiring to hear about the innovative projects that are changing young lives and improving communities,” the former soccer star wrote in the caption.

“Thank you Mr President it was a privilege to hear you speak with such passion and conviction.”

Echoing the same sentiments, Victoria expressed gratitude to Obama for his efforts to bring about meaningful change globally.

The recent meeting marks another chapter in the Beckham-Obama relationship. Reflecting back to 2012, David Beckham and his teammates commemorated their MLS Cup victory with Obama at the White House. Amidst the celebrations, Obama showcased his witty side, teasing Beckham about his age and acknowledging his business proficiency.

David’s engagement with the Obama family extends to Michelle Obama. He previously participated in a ‘Let’s Move!’ event in London, where the former First Lady displayed her soccer skills, further solidifying their bond.

These encounters underscore the Beckhams' consistent admiration for the Obama family and their shared commitment to social causes.