Kanye West new stunt might cost him in future

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February 22, 2024

Expert suggests Kanye West's titanium dentures might trigger nerve problems for him

Kanye West new stunt might cost him in future

Recently, Kanye West unveiled his new titanium dentures to the world. However, an expert sounded the red alarm that this stunt could damage his nerve.

In a chat with The Mirror, Dr Safa Al-Naher said, The dentist who made them has said that basically, it is a permanent denture and that he has had to not remove teeth but prepare the teeth, which means cut down the teeth somewhat."

Suggesting the new change may trigger nerve problems in the Chicago rapper's health, the expert said, "Problems are, anytime we start to cut down teeth, we run the risk of damaging the nerve, so he might have nerve problems in the future and might need root canals."

She continued, "If they were removable grills, then you could take them off, and you could clean the teeth underneath, and you can put them back in. The fact that this is fixed, you can't do any of that."


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