How can you make the most of your cruise ship voyage?

Cruise worker reveals four things savvy passengers always do for a stress-free cruise vacation

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May 21, 2024
How can you make the most of your cruise ship voyage?
Top 5 smart tips every cruise passenger must follow. — Unsplash

If you are planning to embark on a cruise ship tour this summer, a cruise ship worker may have some smart tips for you to make the most of your voyage.

Lucy Southerton, a cruise ship worker with nine years of experience, has shared some tips on her YouTube channel that she learned from smart passengers to savour every moment on your cruise ship tour, Daily Mail reported.

Always better to be early

While travelling on a cruise, Lucy said people should arrive at the destination of their cruise embarkation point two days before their scheduled departure to avoid being stranded.

She said that the added cost of a hotel is a lot cheaper overall than the cost of a potentially missed cruise.

Cruise Crew Insider: Clever things wise passengers always do. — Unsplash

Spend wisely

The 28-year-old cruise ship worker encouraged customers to spend wisely when it came to choosing which type of cruise operator they would like to travel with out of four main types of cruise lines.

These include mass cruise lines, premium cruise lines, small cruise lines and ultra-luxury cruise lines.

She emphasised that booking with a budget-friendly operator may result in additional costs during the cruise ship journey.

Choosing the right cabin

The cruiser worker urged holidaymakers to choose the right cabin for their own specific needs and requirements, preferably the one surrounded by other cabins, as oppose to outlets available for the public.

Southerton said that you may "run the risk" of getting a noisy neighbour, but it doesn’t come close to being under the gym, nightclub or the pool deck.

Cruise worker reveals smart passengers' secret for smooth cruise experience. — Unsplash

Pre-booking your holiday to save money

Southerton said that pre-booking certain aspects of the cruise can save money by securing discounts on drinks packages, dining experiences and shows.

You can learn about these discounts from cruise liners' magazines.