World's first ‘Miss AI' top 10 finalists revealed, who will win?

Top 10 finalists were selected from over 1,500 entries, out of which top three will share a prize pool of $20,000

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June 11, 2024
Fanvue, a platform allowing AI-generated content, is the sponsor. — Instagram/annekerdi/ai.serenay/kenza.layli/File

Bots have arrived at the runway as social media platform Fanvue has launched the world’s first AI beauty pageant, which will be judging contestants based on their looks, poise, online presence and clout.

The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) has recently revealed their shortlisted top 10 “fake beauty” finalists.


More than 1,500 AI models were submitted for the completion, out of which 10 have reached the top 10. The top three winners will share a prize pool of $20,000.

Here are the top 10 finalists for the 'Miss AI' title:

Kenza Layli

Kenza Layli has over 190,000 social media followers. Rooted in Moroccan culture, her content aims to empower women in Morocco and the Middle East.

Her creators generate all her images, videos, and audio by using sophisticated AI technology.

Aliya Lou

This Japanese-Afro-Brazilian artist from Brazil focusses on post-photography and performance, reflecting the African diaspora narrative. Created entirely through text-based prompts, Lou is an unedited digital creation.

Olivia C

A digital traveller from Portugal, Olivia showcases AI's positive potential to her 10,000 Instagram fans.

Her creator mixes digital and human experiences harmoniously. They use Midjourney and Adobe AI.

Anne Kerdi

Anne Kerdi promotes the French region of Brittany. It highlights tourism, culture, and conservation using AI. She supports ocean preservation and local art exhibitions.

Zara Shatavari

Zara is an AI model from India. She promotes natural supplements for women's health. She educates women about hormonal imbalances.

Aiyana Rainbow

She is from Romania. Aiyana advocates for inclusivity. She has over 3,200 followers. She tries to foster a world of empathy and respect.


French AI influencer Lalina facilitates cultural understanding and promotes empathy. Her creator ensures 100% originality in her content.

Seren Ay

She is Turkey's first AI brand ambassador. Seren Ay educates her 11,300 followers about Turkish history and culture while promoting gender equality.

Asena Ilik

This Turkish influencer focuses on imagination and entertainment. She is a carefully crafted personality. She does not rely on provocative content.

Eliza Khan

She is Bangladesh's pioneering AI influencer. Eliza is a relatable and fashion-forward digital persona. Her creator meticulously edits her content to engage with Gen Z trends and aesthetics.