Passenger gets banned from flight for using viral packing trick

TikTok user who filmed incident urges other travellers to avoid using hacks from the internet

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June 13, 2024
A combination of images showing screengrab's from a video of the incident where a passenger's travelling hack goes wrong. — TikTok/natashaorganic

A passenger at an airport in the United States was kicked out for trying to use a travelling hack he came across on the internet to avoid paying extra for an additional carry-on, the Independent reported.

The incident that occurred at the Orlando International Airport was captured on camera by a TikTok user named Natasha.

The video shows the passenger's attempt to get away with a travelling hack that went viral on TikTok a few months ago. However, it went horribly wrong and ended up getting him escorted out of the airport by police officers.

The passenger had showed up to board his flight with a pillowcase in his hand, filled with his belongingsto avoid the airline’s carry-on rules.

Passenger's attempt to travel using viral TikTok hack goes wrong. — TikTok/natashaorganic

Natasha, who posted the video on her TikTok account, urged people to avoid such hacks as they may get you in trouble at the airport.

"Stop letting these social media sites give you tips and tricks because sometimes it’s not going to work, okay?” the Natasha can be heard narrating over the video.

“This dude was trying to take in a pillowcase full of clothing and other items, which he is stating is simply just a pillowcase.”

She said that the man was given the opportunity to pay for the extra items but he refused.

However, he agreed to pay the extra fee when the staff had closed the gate to board the plane, but it was too late.

On Reddit, anonymous users warned others not to try the trick, admitting they knew people who hadn’t gotten away with it.

“I don’t know. In SFO, the gate ladies told us we had to put our pillows in our bags,” one person admitted.