Monday Aug 29, 2016
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Modi govt can start a war with Pakistan, warns former CM UP Mayawati

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Indian Bahujan Samaj Party’s leader and former chief minister Uttar Pradesh Mayawati Prabhu Das on Sunday said that Bharatiya Junta Party (BJP) in order to divert attention from its incompetency could go to war with Pakistan, according to international media reports.

In a bid to emerge successful in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, the ruling BJP can go to any lengths, claimed the Indian politician.

Mayawati deeply criticised the BJP and Narendra Modi’s government.

The former chief minister UP also said that there are chances of anti-Muslim riots in the state of UP.

Meanwhile, a Chinese think tank contended that if India intervened in the affairs of Balochistan in anyway then China would have to step in.

The China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations Director Dr Hu Shisheng in an interview said that China would thwart all moves against the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He said that Modi’s recent controversial statement regarding Balochistan have alarmed China and its intelligentsia.

If India attempted to jeopardise the region’s stability then Indo-China relations could get worse, he added.

Indian Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi’s controversial statements on the Independence Day regarding Balochistan received widespread criticism.

Modi had said the people of Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan had thanked him and that he was grateful to them.