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Monday Sep 26, 2016

Introducing A New Wave

Introducing A New Wave

Mahgul showcased her Vivante bridal collection at PLBW, circa 2015. This year, the designer will have her first full solo show.


PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week will be bringing forward a lot more new talent this year.

As fashion week approaches, preparations are in full swing. The fashion fraternity is getting busy working on their looks, red carpet appearances, politics, and while they do, expectations are slowly and surely mounting from the new pool of designers that are showcasing this year.

While PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week is usually known for hosting big names, this time round the platform is choosing to bring forward newer and younger talent that it feels may represent the future of fashion. Some of these names are well established in their own right but have yet to be given a platform such as this to showcase their work, which is why PFDC is setting up the benchmark for helping the industry grow by encouraging new designers.

The show has been divided rather systematically, where each day is clearly marked by the names that are showcasing. Day one mostly features established names such as HSY, Sania Maskatiya, House of Kamiar Rokni and Saira Shakira. However, also showcasing on the first day is Bank Alfalah’s Rising Talent, an initiative that was set up three years ago, giving a runway opportunity to fashion graduates. 

Day two will be hosting more or less new names on the PLBW runway. Starting the show is Mahgul, who has risen to fame on the PFDC platforms; this will be her first, full solo show; she has only presented capsules before.

Other newcomers to PLBW include Shiza Hasan, Farah and Fatima, Saira Rizwan and Shamsha Hashwani. It seems incorrect to call Hashwani a newcomer though, having been in the business for the last 15 years. However, the brand opened its first boutique in February 2014, and has become increasingly popular in Karachi ever since. Hashwani’s clothes are uniquely pretty - they pay great attention to intricacies and make sure their signature miniature embroidery looks clean and crisp. This will be the first time this famous name will be showcasing at PFDC, and naturally, the brand has some expectations from this platform.

 “Of course we are very excited and nervous to be presenting,” says Shahrina Hashwani, Shamsha’s daughter who also works on the brand. “We are looking forward to see what other designers will be bringing to the table but mostly, we are looking forward to the exposure our brand will get from such a platform.”

Each brand’s need and expectation from PLBW is different. For instance, while Hashwani is looking for more exposure, newcomer Shiza Hasan is looking for critical recognition. A name that is fairly well known, being the sister of the famous tennis star Aisam–ul-Haq, Hasan’s name is also well known in the fashion industry as the brand focuses on providing customization to their clients, something not many other designers do. 

“We really take into consideration what the client wants and let them have an input in the way their clothes will look. This gives us an edge over here (Lahore),” explains Hasan. She also feels that PLBW is a platform for serious designers. “To be selected for this is of course a privilege, because it means that your work is worthy and it’s original. This is the best platform to get established and recognized in the fashion fraternity.”

This is why landing the coveted slot at PLBW is so important for upcoming designers. It brings them in a league where their work is taken seriously and showcased to a much bigger audience. It’s also heartening to see PFDC planting the seeds of growth for an industry that can soar to even bigger heights.


Originally Published in —TheNews