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Saturday Mar 25, 2017

Pakistan Day celebrated with great cultural display in Eastern Europe and Baltic States

Pakistan Day celebrated with great cultural display in Eastern Europe and Baltic States

The National Day of Pakistan was celebrated in a graceful ceremony at the embassy of Pakistan in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Poland, Dr Khalid Hussain Memon raised the Pakistan flag with National Anthem playing in the background. A sizeable number of Pakistani community including students, studying in Polish Universities, and Embassy officials were also present. The presence of their families, especially children made the ceremony more colourful and charming.

During the flag hosting ceremony, which was moderated by Deputy Head of the mission, Mr Shafaat Ahmad Kaleem, the messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out by the ambassador and deputy head of mission respectively. Besides that, Pakistan’s embassy also organised another Pakistan Day event, which was attended by the Polish political figures, parliamentarians and Warsaw-based foreign diplomats.

In the context of the increasing Pakistani diaspora community especially students in Eastern Europe, the display of Pakistani culture and music seems a beneficiary step for developing deep relations with states and masses of the region. A culturally vibrant region so proud of its creative arts and intellectual achievements, the Eastern Europeans shall definitely appreciate cultural connections with Pakistan. In recent years, a large number of Pakistani students got admission in Eastern European universities for higher education while many were offered jobs as well.

Dr Yaar Mohammad is teaching as a lecturer at the department of computer sciences of Estonian University after doing PhD from there. He spends considerable energy and resources to organise such function to prompt Pakistan in Baltic states, which is important especially in the absence of Pakistani Embassy in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. He organised a mega event as Pakistan Cultural Day, which was attended by a large number of Estonians who greatly enjoyed Pakistani music and food besides the colourful dresses Pakistani students had put on. Their dresses presented different cultures of the Pakistani provinces. A cake designed as Pakistani flag was also an attractive image for the guests.

In his remarks at the diplomatic reception, the Ambassador Khalid Memon said that Pakistan Resolution of 23 March 1940 was an important milestone in the historic struggle of the Muslims of South Asia for an independent land, achieved after seven years of struggle under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistani Diaspora is playing a pivotal role in enhancing Pakistani culture and business interests. Young entrepreneur Farman Sadiq is another example of committed Pakistanis who are promoting their country. Farman arrived in Lithuania just a couple of years ago and built his business here from scratch. Warsaw University scholar Sibtain Shah is another bright example who is tirelessly bringing Kashmir issue in Polish academia.

It is high time that Pakistani establishment starts investing in their people to gain remarkable results across the world.

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