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Monday Mar 27, 2017

Over 3 million counterfeit products seized in Dubai

Over 3 million counterfeit products seized in Dubai

DUBAI: Over three million counterfeit products, of more than 30 renowned brands, have been confiscated in Dubai within a week.

The crackdown occurred when government officials raided four warehouses in the emirate. The raids are a part of its strategic focus on protecting intellectual property as well as the rights of trademark owners and consumers.

Director of Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Dubai Economy Department, Ibrahim Bahzad said that the department along with law enforcement agencies team took the action after two weeks investigation.

They had received information that counterfeit products have been stocked in different warehouses.

One of the warehouses had a stock of more than a million pieces of counterfeit products, including phone accessories, ladies handbags, clothes, leather goods, inks, printers, cosmetics, watches and contact lenses.

Around 928,000 items including duplicate phones and accessories were seized from the second warehouse while the third had over 700,000 imitations of five international perfume brands.

About 252,000 pieces of counterfeit perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products were seized from the fourth warehouse.


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