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Friday May 19 2017
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30 Pakistani-origin candidates contesting UK elections

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30 candidates of Pakistani origin will be contesting the June 8 general elections in the United Kingdom, BBC Urdu reported.

According to lists of candidates released by different political parties, the Labour Party has given more tickets to women and Pakistani-origin citizens than any other party.

14 British-Pakistani candidates will represent the Labour Party in the elections. These include Shabana Mahmood, Khalid Mahmood, and Perry Barr in Birmingham, Yasmin Qureshi in Bolton, Naseem Shah and Imran Hussain in Bradford, and Rosena Allin-Khan in Tooting.

Labour Party candidate Shabana Mahmood/Twitter @ShabanaMahmood

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, have given tickets to nine Pakistani-origin candidates, the ruling Conservative Party has six candidates of Pakistani origin representing it in the elections, while the Scottish National Party has one British-Pakistani representing it during the elections.

Labour Party candidate Yasmin Qureshi/Twitter @YasminQureshiMP

London has the highest number of British-Pakistani candidates, with seven in the run in various constituencies.

More than 3,000 candidates from 350 constituencies are contesting the UK general elections, to be held next month.

One noteworthy fact is that the Labour Party has chosen women candidates for 41 percent of the seats. As many as 50 members of various minority groups will also be representing the party.

The ruling Conservatives have given tickets to women candidates for 29 percent of the seats. The Liberal Democrats have women candidates for 30 percent of the seats, while the Scottish National Party has 33 percent.

11 Pakistani-origin women candidates will be representing major political parties of the country in the upcoming polls.

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