Tuesday Sep 12 2017

Colorful Moers celebrate Pakistan Eve in Germany's NRW

MOERS CITY: German ladies on Monday displayed colourful yet elegant Pakistani dresses, while kids sang national rhymes and delicious Pakistani cuisine was served out the attendees on Pakistan Eve — an event aimed at binding the diaspora and acquainting locals with the country's culture, history, and style of living.

Abad Arkam — a young Pakistani-origin software engineer — believes such events are an opportunity for inhabitants hailing from both nations to get to know each other and enhance cooperation in all walks of life.

Akaram is an executive member of the SPD party for Moers who wants to encourage more Pakistanis to participate in German politics. Along with his friends, he runs the Moers Cricket Club, wherein they use cricket as a tool of integration.

The presence of regional political leadership — Moers City Mayor Christoph Fleischhauer, MPA Ibrahim Yetim, and Honourary Consul of Pakistan Matthias Theis — was seen as a token of recognition to help enhance the Pak-German bond.

In his speech, Fleischhauer said such events will connect the new generation of German-Pakistani children to their roots, yet allowing them to remain progressive German citizens.

Fleischhauer also appreciated the Moers Cricket Club project, saying that he hopes cricket will flourish in the city, the council of which intends to continue promoting such initiatives.

Yetim backed Fleischhauer's comments, adding that the initiative of Pakistan Eve highlights the cultural importance of the nation.

Theis, on the other hand, informed the audience of the growing business opportunities in Pakistan. He believes the industry is comparatively better and much more sustainable than other markets in South Asia.

The Honourary German Consul encouraged the business communities of Moers and NRW to take investment initiatives, stating that the Consulate for NRW can step in for assistance as well.

NRW — the most populous state of Germany — is considered to be the multi ethnic state with the highest number of immigrants. Moers, in contrast, is located on the Lower Rhine on the western edge of the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia.