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Wednesday Sep 13 2017

Two arrested for claiming to be subcontractors for Multan Metro Bus project

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Mass Transit Authority filed cases on Wednesday against two individuals for claiming to be subcontractors of the Multan Metro Bus project.

As per the FIR, the accused, Salman Iqbal and Sheikh Ijaz Asghar, have been nominated over charges of showing association with Capital Engineering and Construction Company that does not exist. 

They have also been booked for wrongly claiming to have a contract for the Multan Metro Bus project and showing the project’s association with a Chinese company, Yabaite.

The case has been registered at Liaquatabad police station in Lahore under the name of Punjab Masstransit Authority's deputy director.

An inspection team formed by Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif over the Multan Metro Bus project scandal revealed that no work for the mass transit scheme has been handed over to any contractor, according to the FIR.

China Securities Regulatory Commission has already stated that Jiangsu Yabaite Technology was not involved with any Pakistani firm for the Multan Metro Bus project. 

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