Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Young doctors, paramedical staff clash at Lahore hospital

Patients continue to suffer as emergency services remain disrupted following the scuffle

LAHORE: A clash between young doctors and paramedic staff at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore on Wednesday left the emergency services of the hospital disrupted. 

The scuffle took a serious turn after young doctors attacked paramedic staff and vandalised hospital premises.

A large contingent of the police was deployed at the hospital, however, the young doctors refused to provide medical services to patients in protest. 

According to a representative of the young doctors, some members of the paramedic staff are deliberately creating problems at the hospital. 

The protest continues to affect the treatment of patients visiting the emergency ward, who have to be transferred to other medical facilities.

Young doctors have demanded the immediate termination of the paramedic staff member they hold responsible for the scuffle.