Tuesday Jan 02 2018

Trump briefed by enemies of Pakistan: Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan speaks to media on January 2, 2017 - Sabah

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday reacted to US President Donald Trump’s tweet on Pakistan, stating that “he [Trump] has been briefed by Pakistan’s enemies.

Speaking with reporters after appearing before the anti terrorism court in cases pertaining to violence during the sit-in of 2014, Khan stressed that Trump was working on the agenda of Pakistan’s enemies.

The PTI chairman remarked that Trump was unaware of the realities in Afghanistan and the sacrifices made by Pakistan. “Trump has no understanding of the war on terror and the destruction caused in Pakistan," Khan said, adding “everyone knows the damages this has caused to our economy. 70,000 people have been killed in the war which had nothing to do with Pakistan.” 

Imran also said that this is the reason why he discouraged leaders from fighting someone else’s war. The PTI chief was speaking to media outside anti-terrorism court on Tuesday.

“Today, the time has shown us that we will never become a part of someone else’s war no matter how much money is offered.” The facts are out in the open now, he said.

He remarked that when he stopped leaders from participating in the war he was labelled a ‘rightist’ and ‘Taliban Khan’. “I kept on saying that this is not our war.” However, now it is clear the amount of damage Pakistan has sustained in the war, he added.

Imran also lashed out at his political opponent Nawaz Sharif and said: “Nawaz keeps saying that he was disqualified on the basis of iqama. His FZE company was non-operational, it was being used to send Pakistan’s money abroad. This was just another way of laundering money.”

“The company did not have any other function except for laundering money.”

On the much-speculated visit of the Sharif brothers to Saudi Arabia, Imran remarked that the “two brothers should be ashamed of themselves. They have approached another country to hide their theft.”

They are approaching external forces just to save themselves, Imran alleged.

However, both Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif should know that the nation will not accept any NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance), he claimed. “The nation didn’t understand [repercussions] of the first NRO but now it won’t accept it at any cost.”

Reiterating his demand for snap elections, Imran said that early elections are the need of the hour. The government has done nothing except for protecting criminals. “In such a situation, it better to hold early elections as no work is being done.”

He added, “PTI is ready for snap elections.”

Trump lambasts Pakistan, threatens to cut US aid

On Monday, US President Donald Trump threatened to cut aid to Pakistan after accusing the country of giving nothing in return except for "lies and deceit".

In a tweet, the US president claimed that the United States had foolishly given Pakistan over $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years.

In his tweet, Trump accused Pakistan of thinking US leaders to be fools. “They give safe havens to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”