Tuesday Apr 24 2018
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Punjab launches new number plates

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A prototype of the new number plates. Photos: Punjab government 

LAHORE: The Strategic Reforms Unit (SRU) of the Punjab government announced on Tuesday the launch of new licence plates for vehicles across the province.

From now on, selected pictures and the owner's name can be printed on the plate. 

However, there is a catch. To get your name on a number plate, the vehicle owner has to take part in a bidding process, after which the name will go to the highest bidder. 

The bidding to have your name on the number plate will start at a cost of Rs5 million. 

SRU DG Salman Sufi said that not only individuals but organisations can also acquire customised number plates.

However, religious and political terms are not allowed on the number plates. 

Moreover, the new plates are not only larger in size but the font of the text has also been increased. 

Pictures of some of the most popular figures in Pakistan’s history, such as Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, as well as national monuments and places will adorn the number plate.

Moreover, the plates will now only have the province's name engraved next to the number, which will be random letters not representing the district as was the case earlier.

According to media reports, the plates are readable by all cameras installed by the Punjab Safe City Authority.