Thursday Jul 26, 2018

Election results delayed due to technical glitch: ECP


The results of the General Election 2018 have been delayed due to a technical glitch, the Election Commission of Pakistan Secretary Babar Yaqoob confirmed early Thursday morning.

While speaking to media, he shared that the delay has not been caused by any 'wicked conspiracy' or pressure.  

The results have been delayed as the result transmission system malfunction while data pertaining to results was entered into it, he added.

"The RTS system had not been tested in Pakistan," he remarked. 

On Wednesday, Pakistan voted for the country’s second consecutive democratic transfer of power.

Polling began at 8AM across the country's 85,307 polling stations and continued until 6PM despite calls by several major parties, including PML-N, PPP and PTI, to extend the polling time by an hour.

The parties had complained of “a slow voting process” and thus sought more time to facilitate voters — a request that was dismissed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The election campaign was marred by violence with three candidates killed in targetted attacks and culminated with a suicide blast outside a polling station in Quetta which claimed at least 30 lives.