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Saturday Sep 15 2018

Sahebzada Jahangir ‘not interested’ in ambassadorial role

Sahebzada Jahangir - File photo 

LONDON: Imran Khan’s British national friend and political advisor Sahebzada Amir Jahangir has said that he’s not interested in any ambassadorial role but will be working towards taking investment to Pakistan to make “Naya Pakistan”.

Speaking to Geo News from Islamabad, Sahebzada Jahangir said he will not be taking up any position in Britain and reports that he is lobbying to take a position in Pakistan’s High Commission London are incorrect.

Reports surfaced that Jahangir, who is Imran Khan’s friend for 40 years, could become Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK after Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who is also a good friend of Sahebzada Jahangir, directed the country's High Commissioner to the UK Sahebzada Ahmed Khan to report at the Foreign Office in Islamabad after “irresponsible activity” at an awards ceremony here.

Sahebzada Jahangir said he had met Imran Khan many times after the PTI leader took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan but didn’t lobby for himself or any position.

Sahebzada Jahangir with Prime Minister Imran Khan 

He told Geo News: “I have no desire for any ambassadorial assignment. I am hugely privileged and honoured to enjoy the trust and friendship of my leader Imran Khan. The only urging desire left in me is to serve the poor masses of Pakistan who have been neglected by the rulers for last 70 years.”

He said that welfare and rights of overseas Pakistanis were his top priority. “They should be allowed to participate in general elections and take government assignments, after all, they remit $20 billion and further inject similar amount in Pakistan economy through their personal travels to their homeland. I am returning back to England to mobilise expatriates to join hands and line up behind Imran Khan in building a Naya Pakistan by investing in the private and public sector. Their financial help will create jobs and boost the economy which will considerably improve the welfare of the poor masses.”