Kaleemullah accuses PFF official of threatening him

The former captain posted a screenshot of a tweet allegedly posted from the account of PFF vice president, posing a threat to him

Faizan Lakhani
Former Pakistan captain Kaleemullah Khan. — Facebook: Kaleemullah

KARACHI: The ongoing tussle between Pakistan Football Federation and former captain Kaleemullah reached an ugly turn on Tuesday when Kaleem accused an official of the PFF.

Kaleem posted a screenshot of a tweet, allegedly posted from the account of Sardar Naveed Haider Khan – vice president of PFF, posing a threat to the former captain.

“If Kaleemullah can justify his transfer to the Turkish Club as per FIFA Regulation then I will standup with him and support him, if not then hang him for his lies and deceit,” the tweet said.

Kaleem, with the screenshot of tweet, said “How dare you threaten me after serving this country for so long? PFF has given me nothing. I have worked hard and gotten myself here.”

However, the tweet couldn’t be found on the timeline of Sardar Naveed Haider’s account.

It is assumed the tweet was deleted after so much criticism. Naveed has however denied posting any such tweet.

“This is fake tweet and a conspiracy to malign me, I never posted this tweet,” Naveed told Geo.tv

“I have always treated him as a younger brother and I interacted with him like a brother on social media but it was taken out of context and now I am out of this controversy. It is between Kaleemullah and PFF.”

Naveed added that he will file a cybercrime case over posting of the fabricated tweet.

He, however, admitted posting another tweet shared by Kaleemullah, but said that it was taken out of context and he was addressing him like a brother.

The PFF had earlier sent a show-cause notice to Kaleemullah for his statement in the media against the federation.