Monday Apr 01 2019
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'World's best hospitality', travel blogger Drew Binsky says about Pakistan

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American travel blogger Drew Binsky, who was the latest foreign tourist to visit Pakistan, shared that the country's hospitality is the "world's best". 

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Binsky shared that he did not spend any money during his travels to the country "not by choice" but because "the hospitality in Pakistan is so amazing that they won't let me pay for anything".

The travel blogger who said he withdrew Rs28,000 or $200 from an ATM when he arrived in Pakistan, wrote, "Fact: I came to Pakistan and I haven't spent any money. Why? Because nobody will let me. Seriously. This is the world's best hospitality, by a long shot."

"Anywhere I go in the world, I always insist on paying — whether it be for dinners, gifts, taxi rides, experiences, you name it. But the people here in Pakistan (aggressively) won't let me pay. It's insane!!" he said.

Binsky clarified that it was not just his friends who won't let him pay but "random street vendors and people I meet especially here in Peshawar".

In the video, Binsky also captured himself buying items in the streets of Peshawar and the vendors refusing to take money from him. 

Binsky, who documented his Pakistan travels on his Instagram page, in an earlier post said, "Truth be told, I’ve never received better hospitality in my life than in Pakistan. Along with Iran, Pakistan is the world’s most misconceived and misunderstood country. If you’ve ever been here, then you’ll know. Happy Pakistan Day!"

In the post published on March 24, he shared, "I have received over 20 gifts from people I have just met to thank me for coming to their country."