Cricket is in the air as Prince Harry wishes to bowl to Sarfaraz one day

Aliha Ejaz
Captain Sarfaraz meeting Queen Elizabeth II. Photo:File

LONDON: The opening ceremony of ICC World Cup 2019 was a feast for eyes as the event was entertaining engaging, crisp and absolutely star-studded. 

The team captains participating in ICC World Cup 2019 were invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday before the opening ceremony. While all the captains were suited booted to meet the Queen, Pakistan’s team captain Sarfaraz wore Shalwar Kameez to the event.

He was criticized by a few quarters on wearing the national attire while representing his country. But Sarfaraz says he was honoured.

“I got instructions by the board to wear the national dress. I was honoured to represent Pakistan out there wearing white kameez shalwar. I felt really proud as all the other captains were wearing suit but I wore my national dress, “said Sarfaraz.

Sarfraz also disclosed that Prince Harry wished best to all the captains and it was a dream come true to meet the Queen.

“Its everyone’s dream to meet the Queen and I was lucky to meet her and represent my country”.

Further, he had a small talk with Prince Harry in which he informed that he’s the wicketkeeper-batsman in the team. In response, Prince Harry told him that he would bowl him one day.

Captain Sarfaraz meeting Prince Harry. Photo:File.

“Prince Harry was asking all the captains about how many matches they’ve played and for how long they are here. He also asked me what do I do? I told him that I am a wicketkeeper-batsman to which he replied that he would come to bowl him one day,” he added.

Sarfaraz seemed quite happy about the event.